Recent Engagement

Gynaecology Services

We have been out at gynaecology clinics at Warwick Hospital in recent weeks talking to women about their experiences and gathering feedback on the service. We now intend to run a survey online to open up the conversation with the wider public.

Improving Stroke Services Consultation

A consultation into stroke services in Coventry and Warwickshire launched on 9th October and will run until 21st January 2020. More information on the consultation and how to get involved is available here 

Event dates are available here.

Operational Plan 2019/20

In response to the publication of the NHS Long Term Plan and the associated NHS Planning Guidance for 2019/20 the CCG has developed its Operational Plan for 2019/20.


The Operational Plan is the CCG’s work plan for the coming year. It describes the projects, work programmes and activities that we will need to undertake in order to deliver the final year of our 2016-2020 strategy Translating our 2020 Vision into Reality. The Plan also confirms that we will deliver the priorities that NHS England has identified in the Planning Guidance and sets out how we will work with our partners across the wider Coventry and Warwickshire health and care system in 2019/20 to put in place the building blocks of an Integrated Care System. 


We asked for your feedback on the Operational Plan and encouraged you to complete a short survey once you had time to look through the document. The survey has now closed. Many thanks for your input. 


We heard from your feedback that you wanted more explanation of the frequently used terms and phrases so we have created a glossary that sits at the back of the document. 


Extended Access

In 2018, the CCG commissioned an extended access service. To ensure the new service met the needs of our patients we undertook rigourous engagement with the population of south Warwickshire.

To see more on extended access visit

Extended access presentation to patients is available here

You can see a report on the engagement here

Planned Care

During the summer we undertook a large scale engagement process to look into the ways GP refer patients for specialist opinion and where patients go for care.

We sought views from memebers of the public and paitnets on the level of information they receive about their treatment, waiting times, and how healthcare providers communicate with them. The engagement report is available here.

Women's Health

In late November and early December 2018 we visited groups at three community centres to talk to women. Two of the groups were Stay and Play sessions for parents and children – one at Woodloes Community Centre and Warwick and one at Kingsway Children’s Centre, Leamington. These groups provided the opportunity to speak to mothers who had delivered children and may have needed to use post-natal services such as physio, mental health services or go back into primary or secondary care for any post-birth complications or infections. These women may also have experience of fertility and contraception services.

We also visited the Sikh Cultural & Sports Community Centre in Leamington Spa to talk to a Sikh women’s group. The women in this group were all over 75 years of age, providing an opportunity to hear experiences of older women.

The CCG wanted to hear women’s experience and stories, leading us to have informal, open and organic conversations with the women we met. The engagement took place in group settings and women were asked if they wanted to talk to us about their experiences. At the Stay and Play sessions, women were then taken to one side or a quieter area of the room and were asked about their experience of having their baby, which opened the conversation up to all aspects of their journey from fertility through to the use of any post-natal services. The conversations developed organically and women were prompted on subjects such as physiotherapy and support services.


We undertook a review of micro-suction services and, as part of this work, looked into the benefits of providing micro-suction services for some patients from a community setting.  


Micro-suction is a technique that is used to remove wax and debris from the ears. A specialist microscope is used to look right into a patient’s ear canal and then a suction device is used to remove any wax or debris.  


This is a different procedure to ear syringing and is often used before patients have hearing aids fitted.  Micro-suction does provide an option for wax removal for patients who cannot have their ears syringed due to other medical reasons.   


Micro-suction is currently only provided in a hospital environment leading to some patients having to travel further than others. The CCG is proposing that the service could be delivered from a community setting for some patients.  


With over 2000 patients treated in the past 2 years (an increase of 4.6% versus the previous year), providing this sort of service in the community would have the benefit of reducing waiting times for those patients who do need to be seen in hospital. 


Members of the public took part in an online survey to gain their feedback. A number of partner organisations supported us by sharing the survey through their social media channels.


As well as an online survey, we attended the GAP Community Centre in Warwick in December to speak to local people and hear their views on the service.


The CCG undertook a review of what should be prescribed in South Warwickshire. The engagement study aims to gather the views from patients and the public on restricting the prescribing of gluten free foods, baby milk, luxury appliance products and oral nutritional supplements. We engaged with local people to gain an understanding or any concerns and what any potential changes would mean for patients.

We engaged via an online questionnaire that ran from August to September 2018. The questionnaire was distributed widely to more than 250 stakeholders, Healthwatch and the voluntary sector and shared via social media and our website.

We also held three engagement sessions where prescribing was discussed and feedback from patients, public and stakeholders was gathered.

Report of responses to NHS England's consultation on Contracting arrangements for integrated care providers

The consultation ran over a twelve week period. Click here to see the responses.

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