Prescribing Engagement

Your views on what we should prescribe in South Warwickshire

We want to engage with patients and the public to gain their views on restricting the prescribing of;

  • gluten free foods
  • baby milks
  • luxury appliances
  • and oral nutritional supplements

Please take a moment to read through the information here and then answer the short survey to help us shape our future prescribing decisions. The survey will be open Tuesday 7 August until Friday 7 September 2018.


South Warwickshire have a financial challenge to meet as the demand for services that we commission is rising faster than our combined NHS budget, despite an increase each year. With a rising demand for services it is becoming increasingly difficult for the CCG to balance this need with the money available.

A number of planned savings have been identified and will come from the transformation of services to reduce possible waste and inefficiency, but in order to meet challenging financial targets we have also had to consider restricting some services to protect others.

Reassessing what is available on prescription

In many cases it costs more for the NHS to supply medicines, treatments, products and foods than the cost to buy them from a supermarket or pharmacy. When prescribing, the NHS pays for the item plus the additional cost of processing the item. Years ago many of these items would not have been readily available but they are now widely available in supermarkets, pharmacies and online. Limiting the prescribing of these items will also remove the potential for inequity, as foodstuffs for patients with other conditions where dietary interventions are not prescribed e.g. lactose intolerance, nut allergies.

The four subject areas to be looked at in this engagement exercise are:

  • Gluten-free foods - To either stop the prescribing of gluten free foods or further limit the prescription of gluten-free foods
  • Baby milks and specialist infant formula - To restrict the prescribing of soya milks, thickened infant formula, formula for lactose intolerance and infant formula available as ready to use liquid
  • ‘Luxury’ appliance products - Air fresheners / deodorants and gloves
  • Oral nutritional supplements -  To restrict the prescribing of oral  nutritional supplements

Please take five minutes to fill in the questionnaire and let us know your views:

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