Equipment recyclers - help to spread the word

Wanted: Equipment Recyclers – help us to spread the word!

The Integrated Community Equipment and Support Service (ICESS) provides community equipment and assistive technology to keep people living independently in their own home. Millbrook Healthcare provides this service for Warwickshire County Council and the three local NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG): Coventry and Rugby CCG, Warwickshire North CCG and South Warwickshire CCG.

Last year 88,000 pieces of equipment were delivered to over 18,000 people  and whilst much of the equipment continues to be used, a significant proportion of items are not needed and could be returned. This is where we need you to help us spread the word, promoting how to get equipment back so it can be returned, recycled and reused.

When equipment is received back, it is recycled and loaned to patients who need it to maintain their independence, or to help them stay in their home instead of being admitted to hospital or care homes.

Replacing equipment means an added cost to the local health and care system... so it’s really important that anything not being used is returned to our colleagues at Millbrook.

On behalf of your local NHS and Warwickshire County Council we are reaching out to YOU to make a difference and spread the word about returning unused equipment.

All equipment has a barcode sticker with a number to call and the customer service team will be happy to help. Millbrook will then either arrange to collect items or let you know where to return items.

The number for Millbrook is 0333 321 8986

Help to spread the word and reuse equipment with us, download the poster!

Thank you for your help and support.

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